Our Philosophy

Get the geology and resource geometry correct in the first instance

Odessa primarily focuses on generating the best possible resource wireframes and domains prior to geostatistical modelling. No amount of geostatistical modelling and QAQC auditing can compensate for the effect of an incorrect geological interpretation and incorrect resource wireframes.

Communicate issues to clients in a clearly understood manner

Whether it be a technical issue that threatens the viability of a project or whether it be upside potential that was previously unrecognized we ensure that our clients are fully informed in a timely and clearly communicated manner so that clients can understand the issues presented and take necessary action.

Provide recommendations that may unlock the true value of a project

Based on our investigations and analysis, and subject to our client’s request, we provide clear and costed recommendations designed to either identify opportunities, improve the viability of existing projects or add value to early-stage exploration projects.


Mineral Resource Estimation

  • Geological interpretation and modeling
  • Resource interpretation and modeling
  • Resource (grade/tonnage) estimation
  • NI43-101 standard reporting

Mineral Resource Management

  • Targeting models - Optimised drill program recommendations and target generation
  • Due-diligence and feasibility studies
  • Financial Modeling
  • Project evaluations
  • Field Services

Systems and Training

  • Design, implementation and training in simple but effective logging, database and modeling techniques and practices